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Ghoulia Yelps 2010 edition is another fabulous Monster High doll that epitomizes style and class…

Ghoulia Yelps 2010 edition is another fabulous Monster High doll that epitomizes style and class. Besides delighting small kids, those that have an eye for fashion will appreciated this doll’s gorgeous outfit. Her well fitted clothes feature a striking top with red, black and white stripes in addition to some nice red pants and long brown boots. Her classy flair is further seen through her jeweler which includes some cute earrings and a necklace with a blend of pink and grey. Some dark fishnet air warmers also add to the uniqueness of the outfit.

The doll also has straight blue hair and looks very cute when wearing her make up that consist of some dazzling red lipstick and glimmering eye shadow. The doll’s blue hair features a straight hair style while her cute cassette tape style purse and trendy eye glasses make up for the perfect final touch. Ghoulia Yelps is better known as the daughter to the well known Zombies in the Monster High series.

The whole Ghoulia Yelp package comes with several additional accessories besides the doll itself. These Ghoulia Yelp’s pet and comrade, Owl Sir Hoots as well as a doll support stand, personal diary and brush. The doll features poseable limbs and joints which can be posited in many different positions while kids enjoy playing with the doll.  Removable arms posse a risk of chocking to young children and hence toddlers should not be left unsupervised while playing with this doll.  Going for as high as $89 and as low as $16 the prices vary depending on whether there are enough stocks in stores. Therefore if you are thinking about getting this particular doll you might want to make an effort and buy one before stocks start to run out.

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