Monster High Frankie Stein Mirror Bed

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The Frankie Stein doll is simply not complete without the additional Mirror Bed add-on play item that comes as a separate accessory…

The Frankie Stein doll is simply not complete without the additional Mirror Bed add-on play item that comes as a separate accessory. This great additional toy makes up for more fun play for your kids and it comes with some fantastic features for a bed. This is not your typical bed as it is built to transform into a mirror and has levers on the sides that adjust the bed from a level to vertical position. A cupboard styled headboard and a TV set at the foot add more class to this bed while some additional space on the side accommodate Frankie Stein’s best friend and pet, Watzit.

In addition, the bed comes with a blue, grey and pink checked blanket that features a lightening bolt theme and a pillow to cushion Frankie Stein’s head as she sleeps. The bed also includes a plethora of bed room paraphernalia such as a pen, diary, scissors, thread, sewing needle and a bottle with a drink. Among the many accessories that make this character a cool toy to play with, Frankie Stein’s Mirror bed is one of the best additional play items to have. It is simply a cute and fantastic toy that enables kids to tuck in Frankie Stein before reading her a bedtime story then wish her a good night and sweet dreams.

With prices going for as high as $59.95, make sure to grab your opportunity when your daughter asks for this particular toy. Prices can reach an all time high when stocks start to run low. Discounts are however given at various outlets therefore make certain to compare prices offered at various stores before making your purchase.

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    – Mickie, I swear I think I want to do more of these but it did wipe us out because it is so dfirefent from weddings! lol – I like that one too, It draws you into her face which – That is so funny Frankie is actually the girl isnt that the cutest name for a girl? I do like how that shot really isolates her face in a way that you just want to look at her a bit longer Thanks for the great comments!!! – Frankie was stunning and the camera loves her for sure. Just blush Because she is fair skinned I am glad she had a bit of blush because we wanted to brighten the photo and she would have been too washed out, so that worked out great. Thanks for such great comments! – Awww thank you! I would love to do more of these! – They were so great to work with they love their mother too when she spoke to them they listened and it wasnt in that scary you better dehave thing it was very sweet.

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