What is Monster High?

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At younger ages, we sometimes create imaginary characters, which we relate to things that surround us. As we watch shows in televisions and movies, we became aware of the different kinds of people, animals, and all stuffs in our society. We develop emotions towards anything we can see and hear. Using our wildest imaginations, we create a magical kingdom during childhood days.
This concept has been the inspiration of many filmmakers and book writers like Lisi Harrison when she published her novel books about The Clique, The Alphas, and Monster High. She then created stories, which would illustrate the fantastic creativity of the young people. The thrill and intense emotions were carefully mixed in order to entertain not just the children but also individuals who have interests on this aspect.

What is Monster High?

The whole thing about Monster High started with the adult-fiction novel. It is a book inspired by the characters depicted from those horror movies like Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein and more. The concept is that the characters in this story were related to the famous icons, as if they are related and offspring.

The unique thing about the story is that it portrays only those friendly to the eyes of the little ones. Instead of using freaky attributes, they used fashionable designs so that children would not be scared, but instead appreciate more and learn to love the fictional characters.

Most of the costumes of the characters vary from the monster they would represent. Some have fangs, horns, and stitches all over their bodies, ears like wolves, larger eyes, bandages and more. The dolls both the boys and the girls were perfectly molded from high quality materials, with movable hands and feet, to make them almost real.

Interesting information about Monster High is that there are many products available in the market, which carries its logo. From bags, to caps, to beds, stationeries, souvenirs and most especially toys. Most of the dolls are dressed, which resemble a human with some tweaking portions on their faces to emphasize that they are monsters.

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Development of Monster High

The popularity of the book was not ended on the year it was released but instead, even until now, more and more children and parents look for quality Monster High products. Series of books were published on the succeeding years with stories about The Ghoul Next Door, which features Cleo de Nile, known to be the daughter of the Mummy. A werewolf series followed entitled Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way.

Not only these books were publicized, even webisodes are made available online. Monster High even showed up in TV specials like the famous Nickelodeon. The stories were cool enough to be televised that is why many young individuals patronize it.

Monster High continues to entertain the children up to this generation because they even entered the world of video games. Their website is very cool that you can make use of the characters you want, customize it, make fun with it, and be part of their freaky yet fashionable fictional life.

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