A review of the Monster High movie

Monster High MovieIf you are a big movie fan, you must know about the Monster High TV series or the infamous Monster High movie that has been receiving rave reviews following the latest release. Well, if you have not heard about this entertaining movie, then you might want to know what it is all about as it might be your best film of the year. Whenever you get to hear about a movie that is so hyped about, it is always good to make an effort and get to know something about it, or if you are so inclined watch the movie instead.

However, if you have been wondering what this TV show is all about and why it is worth watching, wonder no more for you about to find out. As you are probably aware, the movie draws its inspiration from the well celebrated Monster High line of toys, books and webisodes which is a favorite entertainment brand loved by kids and adults alike. The show always depicts a monstrous heritage which is reflected by the spooky characters that help to animate the scenes with their unique personalities and traits. The cast consist of werewolves, vampires and other dark aged alien creatures that make the show unique and entertaining.

The Monster High Ghouls Rule is the most recent show as of 2012, and has become a big hit for Monster High enthusiast and movie lovers. It is a tale of conflicting stereotypes and overcoming differences which is clearly illustrated by the vibrant characters in the cast. The ghouls at Monster High are proud of their monstrous heritage and unique origins that make them all different. Their diversity is clearly seen throughout the show and this expands even more when they accept to co-exist with the humans. What unfolds throughout the movie is a theme that is strongly oriented towards celebrating ones individuality as well as respecting and accepting that of others.

Monster High Ghouls Rule Movie Characters

As the movie starts out, Halloween is fast approaching and the ghouls at Monster High get their usual warning which is given every year, that they must make sure to avoid any conflict with the humans (better known as the ‘normies’) who have a penchant for hunting and tormenting monsters during this holiday season. When Frankie (one of the lead characters) gets to learn about this, she goes out to find out what the true story behind Halloween is all about. When she and her friends find out that the holiday was originally set aside for monsters and humans to celebrate their friendship, she decides to try and bring the two groups back together.

However, the students at Monster High are in for nasty holiday since they have been framed for a prank that was committed against the normies at their school. The normies therefore set out to make sure that the ghouls get to have a miserable holiday by planning a series of attacks on the monsters. So, will Frankie and her friends succeed to bring a stop to the long running feud between the ghouls and normies? Well, there is only one way to find out; by watching the movie.

The good thing about this show is that the DVD is easily available in leading movie stores. If however you opt to go online, there are several websites where the movie is available for download. For those that want to enjoy convenience, the entire film can even be watched online, which means you won’t have to wait for your download to complete before you get to see the movie.

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