Learning Things about All Monster High Dolls Names

Monster high logoMonster High has been very popular because of the unique way of presenting creepy fictional characters with horrifying physical attributes but with fashionable outfits. There is no need to wonder why many young people love this thing. Even if the dolls have bandages around them, heavy make-up with Gothic effects, stitches all over their bodies, vibrant colors of their skin, fangs and werewolves’ ears, they still look adorable because they were designed with trending fashion and style.

Aside from the unique appearance of the Monster High characters, they also have unique names, which were derived from the popular fictional character icons like Dracula, Frankenstein, Medusa, and The Mummy.
The author of the novel, Lisi Harrison made some tweaks on the names to make it more suitable for younger generations. She even emphasized that the Monster High dolls names and physical attributes were depicted from those popular icons since they are relatives and offspring of them.

Top Main Characters and their Names

Frankie Stein – this name was taken from Frankenstein and based on the own version of Monster High, Frankie is a 15-year-old girl, which was known to be a daughter of Frankenstein. She has the characteristics of being very friendly and with a love of sports makes her an athletic girl. Despite of the good traits she has, she was also known to be clumsy and her body parts have weird tendencies to fly off.

Draculaura – Obviously, she is the daughter of Count Dracula. The unique thing about her is that she never drinks blood and even very scared to say the word, blood. Like any other vampires, she is very old but still manages to keep up her young good looks. Draculaura feeds on of vegetables. She even enjoys walking under the sun without forgetting her umbrella.

Cleo de Nile – this character is known to be the most popular in the Monster High. She is the leading squad captain and what makes her more popular is being the queen of the social scene. Despite of being famous, she is still a good friend to other monsters. She is the daughter of the Mummy.

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Ghoulia Yelpsthe best friend of Cleo and the daughter of the Zombies. Even if she only speaks off using Zombies language like the moans and groans, she is the smartest monster at school.

There are just four of the seven main characters of Monster High. Clawdeen Wolf the daughter of the werewolf, the son of Medusa under the name of Deuce Gorgon, and the daughter of the sea monster, Lagoona Blue.

Aside from these main characters, there are still other students and teachers characters in the novel book with creepy yet cool dolls names used to them. Funny as it may sound that the names were made based on their parents’ names, yet these dolls are popular icons loved by some many children all across the globe. If you are searching for baby names, you may get some ideas from this concept, getting some syllables from your names to your little ones.

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