Setting Up Monster High Beds for Your Dolls and Other Collections

Monster High AccessoriesLuxurious as it may sound, but having your complete collection of Monster High dolls could give you satisfaction every time you could see them displayed in your rooms. The collection would include the complete set of the main character, their pets, outfits and makeup, furniture like beds and pillows, and more accessories. Monster High dolls come in different forms with colorful outfits. These cute fictional characters are tiny yet very adorable. Their physical attributes may look very terrifying if you will play with your imaginations and create a human size of them. However, because of the added features that are designed in a very fashionable way, these dolls look simply amazing.

Enhancing your creativity may add also some accents to your collection. You may impart your sewing skills creating more attire for them, providing them more furniture like chair and tables, even their luxurious looks can be added with cars. Be creative and relate your imagination to the elite lifestyle of the real world.

Monster High school

How to Complete Your Collection

Based on the book of Lisi Harrison, she created seven top characters in her novel book about Monster High. Added to these are the twenty-one characters that play roles as students. Of course, when students are there, teachers should also be present with the total number of six. Exclusive characters were also released with the same number of six.

Do not rush things in buying your collection, unless you can afford to do so. Just be sure that if you cannot complete the whole set of characters, at least you have the top seven of them.

Additional Accessories for Collection


If you happen to read the novel, then you should know by now that these dolls have also their pets. To add some decorations to your collection, gathering their pets could be very interesting. Just refer to the book as reference to what are their pets that needs to be collected.

Outfits and Make-Ups

The female characters of Monster High are very glamorous and even the male versions. They have trendy outfits if compared to the real world. You should be able to provide them with different attires and make-ups for the girls to elaborate more their unique fashion of wearing stylish dresses despite of the presence of their fangs, werewolves’ ears, their bandages, and stitches. Those physical attributes make them the characters of the freaky yet stylish Monster High.


To complete your collection of accessories, you should provide each of your characters with the Monster High beds. One of the most popular furniture icons is the Draculaura’s coffin. It is very tiny and colorful. This explains why it is cute. Having a human size of that would be very horrific. More suggested furniture could be found on this site.

How to Make Your Own Accessories

If you are creative, enough to show your talent in making your own Monster High accessories like giving your characters more stylish outfits, then go on with your plans. That would add up to the beauty of your collection. Having your own version of the creepy physical attributes of your characters would make a unique impression to your creativity and style.

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